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6x12' Direct Burial Loop with40' Lead In

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Part Number: RL36-40

Used in installations under concrete, asphalt, pavers or gravel roads. Wire is designed for direct burial application. Each burial loop comes with an installation kit including easy to follow instructions, cable ties, ground stakes, and stickers for easy identification.

  • For use in Concrete, Asphalt, Gravel or Pavers
  • Offset the direct burial loop from the rebar pattern.
  • Always run the lead-in through conduit and glue the joint with a proper PVC solvent cement.
  • Run the lead-in in conduit underneath the rebar in a concrete pour.
  • Remove any ground stakes before burying the loop in a gravel or dirt road.
  • Fully encase the loop in sand when installing under pavers, or in a gravel road. (Show Encased in Sand Image)
  • Residential applications recommend a 4 short leg of the loop.
  • Commercial application recommend a 6 short leg of the loop.